Sunday, 9 November 2014

Quiz Roland To The Dark Tower Came

Once again, it appears to be time to announce another new pub quiz. The newest kid on the block is Roland's on 4th, located on West 4th avenue in Kitsilano. You thought that Wednesday's quiz schedule was getting full, and you were having trouble picking out which quiz to go to? Tough! We've got another hat in the ring, run by the people of Moving Music & Events - in the even that name means anything to you. I've never heard of them before, which has got me quite excited to take in a quiz written by an unknown (to me).

The quiz advertises itself as being based on pop culture, and they're offering specials of $3.95 highballs and a free plate of wings for each table. there's no entry free, and the quiz purports to start at seven PM. The quiz starts as of Wednesday, November 12, 2014, and runs weekly.

So, a quick recap:
-Roland's on 4th
-Wednesdays at 7PM

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