The Master List

Last updated: February 18, 2019

So, insofar as I have knowledge of them, here is a list of all the Trivia nights in Vancouver that are currently active. If you know of one that I didn't mention here, please let me know - send me an email (see below). I'll try to keep this up to date regardless. So without further ado, the Codex Triviaticus (Vancouver edition). I hope this helps you decide what to do with a free evening. Listed in the approximate order that I would to go to them in. All times post meridiem, all quizzes weekly unless otherwise indicated

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I don't know of any at the moment. It's Saturday though, watch a hockey game or see a movie or something. 


The Suburbs

It appears there are more and more quizzes being held in the suburbs of Metro Vancouver these days. Here's the ones I know about. Please do let me know of any that aren't mentioned:

  • The Black Bear, (Monday, North Vancouver)
  • Wings (Monday at 7, Burnaby)
  • The Narrows (Wednesday at 8, North Vancouver)
  • Townhall (Thursday at 8, Coquitlam)
  • Firefighters Public House (Friday at 8, Burnaby)
  • Elements Casino (Tuesday at 7, Cloverdale)
  • The Henry Public House (Thursday at 8, Surrey)
  • Edith and Arthur's Public House (Tuesday at 8, Surrey)
  • Judge Begbie's (Wednesday at 7, New West)
  • Rusty's Neighbourhood Pub (Tuesday at 8, Cloverdale)
  • The Hemingway's Pub (Tuesday at 8, White Rock)
  • Shooter's Taphouse (Wednesday at 6, Maple Ridge)
  • The Bennett (Thursday at 8, Surrey)
  • Barone (Sunday at 9, Langley)
  • St James Well (Tuesday at 7, Port Moody)
  • Billy Miners (Tuesdays at 7, Maple Ridge)
  • Match Public House (Tuesdays at 7:30, New Westminster)
  • Personas (Wednesdays at 7, Burnaby)
  • Oak And Thorne (Mondays, Langley)
  • Buck & Ear (Wednesdays at 8, Richmond)
  • The Frog & Nightgown (Mondays a 8, Coquitlam)
  • The Met (Thursdays at 7:30, New West)
  • District Taphouse (Tuesdays at 7:30, New West)

Once again, that email address is, if you've got more info.