Tuesday, 4 April 2017

April Is The Quizzest Month

Or maybe I should have gone with "breeding/Lilacs out of the dead land, quizzing/Memory and desire" but I thought perhaps lines 2-3 of The Waste Land are not quite so iconic. Anyways! I've got some quiz news for you, recounted here in roughly the order it came to me.

Once again, the Friends of the Terry Fox Library are hosting another literary quiz night. It's on Saturday, April 8th, at the Terry Fox Library in Port Coquitlam. Tickets are 20 bucks apiece.

There's a quiz at the Dubh Linh Gate on Main Street on Wednesdays now. Cool! Starts at 7.

Debbie, aka the Quizmistress, has moved her quiz at the Fringe to Tuesday Nights, and is starting up a new quiz on Monday's at Red Card, located in the Moda Hotel downtown. It's the same lucky key trivia she has always run, with a $50 gift certificate going to the winners. Should be fun!

Sadly, Darby's will be changing hosts yet again, and swapping the ever popular Carin for the quiz stylings of the IQ 2000 quiz company. Hopefully Carin pops up again at a new location. I'll keep you posted! Quiz at Darby's will change format, but should still be the same time.

Speaking of IQ 2000, they are making their first attempt at a grand trivia even in the style of Geek Bowl, with "The BIGGEST trivia event in history" [citation needed]. IQ Mania will be on Saturday July 8th at the Biltmore Cabaret, and tickets are about 20 bucks a person after ticketfly takes their cut. Teams are of 7 people, and top prize is rumored to be around 500 dollars. I'd make sure to get your tickets early. I've got mine!
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