Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Circle of Life

I come today as the bearer of some sad news, but to counteract, I've brought double the glad news. I hope that'll work.

The sad is that there's one fewer quiz in the city: The Pressbox is no longer running their quiz. Too bad. 

The glad is that there's two new ones to announce! Falconetti's has brought back their Wednesday quiz, albeit with different hosts. As with some other quizzes in town, they look to be locking into a league play format, and according to their website are offering one thousand dollars to the top placing team. That's some pretty good coin right there. The second is a bit further afield, but will probably scratch your itch if you finding yourself missing the Pressbox. The Narrows in North Vancouver is now running quizzes Wednesday at 8, for those of you North of the Ironworker's.