Saturday, 6 April 2019

Aunt Leah's Charity Quiz

Though the Master List has been kept up to date, it's been awhile since I've posted here! Time to burst out of that slumber with a little bit of quiz news, driven by a good cause! Aunt Leah's Place is running their 8th Annual Trivia and Silent Auction, with all funds being used to support youth from foster care and moms at risk of losing custody of their children. It's Saturday, April 27th, with doors at 7:00. Teams of 6-8 people, tickets are $35 per person. The event is being held at St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Centre at Ash and 15th. More information can be found on their website, or on their facebook page:

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The Milltown Bar & Grill

Where: The Milltown Bar & Grill - 9191 Bentley Street

When: 8:30, Thursdays

Web Presence: Clues and hints for the upcoming week can be found on their facebook page.

Team Info: Up to six people. Got more? Split into two teams!

Prizes: There's a 40 dollar gift certificate (redeemable future weeks only, alas), with a random prize for second-to-last place as well. Copious amounts of shots to be won in-between the rounds on bonus questions as well.

Format: Four rounds, twelve questions. Questions can be worth any number of points. There's also arbitrary enthusiasm points to be won as well.

Food and Drink: Good burgers, and tasty pizza to be had. The menu is pretty extensive, so chances are good you'll find something to eat. It's burger night on Thursdays, which means carnivores get a pretty sweet deal on a burger and a beer. Pretty straightforward beer selection, but $5.25 Pale Ales and $6 boozy Arnold Palmers are a good game day specials.

The Milltown Bar and Grill is one of the few quizzes in Vancouver that is located on an island. I'm trying to rack my brains to think if there is one on Granville Island, but I'm not sure there is - so I guess that we can safely say that this is the only trivia night you'll find on an island. It is also the only quiz in Vancouver that is in Richmond.

Wait, what? The Milltown is on Richmond Island, a tiny island just North of Vancouver International Airport, and only accessible through Marpole. De jure Richmond, de facto Vancouver. It has great views of the flightpath, and if you happen to have a boat, you'll have few problems docking at the nearby marina. I assume. I don't have a boat. For such a far-flung locale, the bar is cozy, warm, and quite full. Most of the tables were playing trivia, so it is safe to say the community here is doing quite well. The food is good, and the staff are super friendly.

But, how's the quiz? I imagine that is why you are here. In a Vancouver where quiz companies are extending their reach across multiple bars, it is refreshing to find a new quiz that has a personal touch, and isn't another franchise of a larger concern. It's four rounds of homespun questions, with plenty of sports, and plenty of multiple point questions. There's a fair share of true or false, and the tried and true maxim of "pick whichever answer seems less likely" held up pretty well here. Is 90 mile beach actually 90 miles? Of course not! There was a fair number of difficult questions (the Welsh name of the official residence of the Prime Minister?), but mixed in a few softballs that could be answered by looking at one of the many televisions (Who was playing in the Thursday Night Football game).

In a rarity for quizzes about town, there was no music round. However, if you're an extroverted type, there were ample opportunities to get bonus points by going up and singing a song during our theme round on Pop Princesses. Whether or not you got any points, and how many you got, appeared fairly arbitrary, but that's how it goes sometimes. The theme round, I might add, is nominated and voted on by quizzers the previous week, which I think is a pretty cool idea. The "vote via hooting and hollering" is something I find a bit tiresome, especially as the night stretches on, but the crowd digs it here. There was also a "Win Two Shots" minigame at the end of each round - the quizmaster would load up imdb and read out movies until one of the gathered people submitted the actor that had a role in all of them. Ties are broken in a fun manner - one representative from each team goes up, and goes had to head trying to name more of something (the five largest buildings in Vancouver, the elements that start with the letter 'A'), which I think is a great tiebreak.

It was a fun night, though a late 8:30 start can make getting back a little tricky if you don't live in South Granville, or drive. There is a shuttle service available for patrons who have four or more drinks, but we didn't quite reach the cutoff there. Fortunately, airport proximity mean cabs are easy to come by. It's certainly a quiz I will come back to, but likely in the summer, when the walk down the causeway to the bar is warmer, and I can watch some planes landing.

Coming in for landing: A bit tricky to get to, but a fun quiz in a cozy atmosphere.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

April Is The Quizzest Month

Or maybe I should have gone with "breeding/Lilacs out of the dead land, quizzing/Memory and desire" but I thought perhaps lines 2-3 of The Waste Land are not quite so iconic. Anyways! I've got some quiz news for you, recounted here in roughly the order it came to me.

Once again, the Friends of the Terry Fox Library are hosting another literary quiz night. It's on Saturday, April 8th, at the Terry Fox Library in Port Coquitlam. Tickets are 20 bucks apiece.

There's a quiz at the Dubh Linh Gate on Main Street on Wednesdays now. Cool! Starts at 7.

Debbie, aka the Quizmistress, has moved her quiz at the Fringe to Tuesday Nights, and is starting up a new quiz on Monday's at Red Card, located in the Moda Hotel downtown. It's the same lucky key trivia she has always run, with a $50 gift certificate going to the winners. Should be fun!

Sadly, Darby's will be changing hosts yet again, and swapping the ever popular Carin for the quiz stylings of the IQ 2000 quiz company. Hopefully Carin pops up again at a new location. I'll keep you posted! Quiz at Darby's will change format, but should still be the same time.

Speaking of IQ 2000, they are making their first attempt at a grand trivia even in the style of Geek Bowl, with "The BIGGEST trivia event in history" [citation needed]. IQ Mania will be on Saturday July 8th at the Biltmore Cabaret, and tickets are about 20 bucks a person after ticketfly takes their cut. Teams are of 7 people, and top prize is rumored to be around 500 dollars. I'd make sure to get your tickets early. I've got mine!
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Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Hey all, I'm still alive, and the Master List has again been updated! Looks like quiz is up and running again at The Park, which is welcome news for any quizzers in the West End. Look for more updates and reviews in the next couple of months!

Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Circle of Life

I come today as the bearer of some sad news, but to counteract, I've brought double the glad news. I hope that'll work.

The sad is that there's one fewer quiz in the city: The Pressbox is no longer running their quiz. Too bad. 

The glad is that there's two new ones to announce! Falconetti's has brought back their Wednesday quiz, albeit with different hosts. As with some other quizzes in town, they look to be locking into a league play format, and according to their website are offering one thousand dollars to the top placing team. That's some pretty good coin right there. The second is a bit further afield, but will probably scratch your itch if you finding yourself missing the Pressbox. The Narrows in North Vancouver is now running quizzes Wednesday at 8, for those of you North of the Ironworker's. 


Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Transhemispheric Airlines

Wow, I'm bad at updating. In any case, this is to let you that no, the blog isn't dead, and yes, The Master List is up to date. Please let me know if you have any news!

To show you how it works, I'll even supply with some tidbits of my own: pub quiz has returned to everyone in Vancouver's favourite antipodean hideout, The ANZA Club! This time around, it is on the last Sunday of every month, and will be run by Quiz juggernaut IQ2000. I hope to see you there.

Speaking of Mount Pleasant, Woo Hoo! Classics Simpsons Trivia will be migrating to the Biltmore Cabaret, effective October 24th. Ha... ho?

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Triune Impurity Rites

It's been awhile since I've updated this, and we've got some news from three corners of the city. I hope this enables a broad swath of the city to drink and answer some questions.

First off, the good people of Marpole have a quiz to call their own, as the Milltown Bar & Grill have started a trivia night on Thursdays. head on down, for four rounds of trivia, for a shot to win over 60 dollars in prizes. I'm told Thursday is Fish and Chips night, so that's an added bonus. They also run Music Trivia every second Saturday, providing the opportunity to go to a quiz for thirteen consecutive days (!). 

Our next port of call will take us to Commercial Drive, where Stateside Craft is running some Thursday Night Trivia. It looks like you can grab a $12 pitcher of beer on Thursdays, so that should be reason enough to go. Don't know much else about it, though. 

And finally, to round out this holy trinity of Thursday quizzes - it looks as though the excellent quiz at the Our Town Cafe (the one at Kingsway and Broadway) is back on, after a long hiatus. I haven't stopped back in, but last I went, it was a fantastic quiz. No word on whether Def Jeoppard is back providing musical accompaniment. 

I'll try to head out to these quizzes to give everyone an update as soon as I can. It'll take at least three weeks, but more likely four or five. Or six. Or ten. 

Stay tuned for an excited addition to the blog!