Sunday, 8 May 2016

Triune Impurity Rites

It's been awhile since I've updated this, and we've got some news from three corners of the city. I hope this enables a broad swath of the city to drink and answer some questions.

First off, the good people of Marpole have a quiz to call their own, as the Milltown Bar & Grill have started a trivia night on Thursdays. head on down, for four rounds of trivia, for a shot to win over 60 dollars in prizes. I'm told Thursday is Fish and Chips night, so that's an added bonus. They also run Music Trivia every second Saturday, providing the opportunity to go to a quiz for thirteen consecutive days (!). 

Our next port of call will take us to Commercial Drive, where Stateside Craft is running some Thursday Night Trivia. It looks like you can grab a $12 pitcher of beer on Thursdays, so that should be reason enough to go. Don't know much else about it, though. 

And finally, to round out this holy trinity of Thursday quizzes - it looks as though the excellent quiz at the Our Town Cafe (the one at Kingsway and Broadway) is back on, after a long hiatus. I haven't stopped back in, but last I went, it was a fantastic quiz. No word on whether Def Jeoppard is back providing musical accompaniment. 

I'll try to head out to these quizzes to give everyone an update as soon as I can. It'll take at least three weeks, but more likely four or five. Or six. Or ten. 

Stay tuned for an excited addition to the blog!