Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Cheeky Pub Quiz @ The London

Where: The London, 700 Main Street (at Georgia)

When: 7PM, Wednesdays

Web Presence: Here's the event page. I know it says Sundays but trust me, they're actually running it on Wednesdays now. Double check with them on twitter, if you don't want to take our word for it.

Team Info: Take as many as you want, I suppose.

Prizes: First place took home a $25 Jennings Hospitality Gift Certificate. Not bad. Last week they were giving away Whitecaps tickets, which could be a good haul.

Format: About 5 rounds of varying sizes. There was a picture round, and a brief and merciless music round.

Food and Drink: Given the general demeanour of the pub ("Donnelly chic," complete with pinball
machines, TVs locked to Sunday Night Football, etc), I wasn't expecting much in the way of food. Well, for the first of many times that night, I was mistaken, as the Chili Verde was frankly delicious, and some of the best best pub food I've had in town. The vegetarians reported good things about the quesadillas, so it was a pleasant surprise on most counts. The London Lager's selling point remains its price point and not its taste, however. Can't win 'em all.

The London Pub's quiz deserved better than the crowd it got. Not that they were surly or obnoxious, or inattentive, but rather that they barely existed. The place was a ghost town this particular Sunday evening, due to a combination of a beautiful September weather and the Seahawks losing. Not many people had stuck around, and more than a few people didn't feel like heading out to the bar at the end of a weekend. A quick talk with the host told me that they'd be moving quizzes to Wednesday, where they are now, and by most accounts it looks like things are going much better.

The author approves.
The quiz was run by an amiable Brit who kept up a steady stream of banter across four or five rounds. I wish I could be more specific, but went nearly a month ago and have been slacking off in writing this post. The questions were a quality mix of pub quiz classics, planted firmly in the middle ground between fun and challenging. The emphasis on pop culture and other such trash was lower than I'm used to at trivia nights around town. It felt a part of the long standing tradition of British pub quizzes where they expect you to know your shit. You should find that you'll have an inclusive time without feeling either patronized or dumb. That's a hard balance to strike at a quiz.

The picture round was broadcast on monitors, and went along at a brisk pace. The music round was one of the hardest I've ever been to, to boot. I'm not sure if we were just having a bad day, but we felt entirely out of phase with the host's tastes. I'm willing to bet you'll have better luck though. The other teams seemed to.

The Call Of The Wild:  A good quiz, that is hopefully finding more love on Wednesday nights. Head on down, meet some people, have a good time, and enjoy the Chili Verde. And remember, it's on Wednesday nights now.

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