Saturday, 5 December 2015

IQ 2000 @ The Colony

(but also Kits)
Where: Colony Main, 2904Main Street  and Colony Kits, 3255 West Broadway

When: 8 PM Mondays for the Main Street Edition, 8 PM Wednesdays for Kits

Web Presence: You can follow IQ2000 on Facebook, for all your IQ2K needs

Team Info: Team limit maxes at seven, ostensibly

Prizes: Various cool prizes to be won. Free beers for successful and loud teams, augmented by local prizes ranging from salsa to piercings.

Format: Four rounds of about ten questions

Food and Drink: I seem to recall standard upscale pub food that fancies itself better than it actually was. You'll find something for everyone on the beer list, from affordably priced domestics to local craft offerings.

I'm kind of cheating here, doing two reviews at once. I think that every bar should be given a fair shake, even when the quizzes are run by the same folk. That said: These quizzes are pretty much the same, from the stylish host to the Donnelly-lite decor of the gastropubs that contain them. I thought for quite some time on how I could write a substantively different review for each experience, and, through my own faults as a writer, came up empty-handed. The differences boil down as follows: There's slightly different flavouring in the prizes, and the Main Street event traditionally attracts more teams. Also, there's no big screen at the Kits location to support IQ 2000's fantastic visual presentation.

To be honest, though you might actually think I'm getting two reviews for the price of one, the truth is, I'm getting two for the price of none. We're big fans of IQ 2000 at Vancouver Pub Quiz, as you probably noticed. Since we've reviewed his quiz so many times, we will point to in the direction of our review for the erstwhile Mr. Brownstone, now the location of Colony Main. Take that description, drop it into the slick confines of a Blueprint Group property1, and there you have it.

TWICE AS NICE:  It's an IQ 2000 quiz: lots of hooting, hollering, good questions, and an excellent presentation. If I had to choose between the two, I'd say the Main Street location is the better of the two, mostly due to its superior attendance, competition, and features the visual show as well.

Gotta get that Royal Jelly

1 Unfamiliar? Imagine a the restaurant equivalent of any recent song by The Weeknd

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