Monday, 8 June 2015

I Quiz! I Die! I Quiz Again!

Friends an enemies of pub quiz, I've got some news on the ins and outs of pub quiz in Vancouver.

IN: Harry Potter Quiz is returning to The Sunset Grill on Wednesday, June 24th. At 7:30 PM, come on down and take your O.W.L.s and your N.E.W.T.s, and have a lot of fun answering questions about the world's favourite teen wizarding sensation. I can't back that last statement up with fact, but take my word for it. Tickets can be purchased here. The last event sold out, so get on it before it is too late. 

OUT: After several years of quizzing patrons on Commercial Drive, the trivia night at Falconetti's has shut its proverbial doors. I'll miss it, but the gentlemen from Smarty Pints Trivia continue at The Five Point,  where you'll find them every Wednesday evening. 

IN: My, IQ 2000 is keeping busy. On top of their weekly quizzes at the Kings Head and the two Colonies (Main and Kitsilano), there is a truly staggering array of niche quizzes hosted at the Biltmore Cabaret. If Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Lord of the Rings wasn't your thing, then perhaps mid-90s and early 2000s television is more up your alley. You'll find IQ 2000-hosted quizzes on Seinfeld, Friends, and The OC, all in the next month. Goodness.

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