Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Make Your Answers Count

Look at that, couldn't even go four days without finding out about a new quiz event to share with you guys.

Decoda Literacy Solutions is running a fundraising trivia night and optional costume party on Sunday, September 28th at the Butcher and Bullock (911 West Pender Street). It's run by the folks at Nice Guys Trivia. If you're someone with good recall, and you should be, if you're looking for a trivia night, you'll remember what I said about the Nice Guys. If you forgot, I can't blame you, and I'll paraphrase: They're nice, and it's a fun time. As I've probably said before, I love fundraising quizzes, and have had a great time at all of those I've been to in the past.

Follow the link to get all the details, then find a team, raise some money, and do some quizzing for a good cause!

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