Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Fernwood Inn Quiz (Victoria)

Yes, I know the name of blog. It very clearly states "Vancouver" Pub Quiz. But British Columbia's second (or third, or fourth, or...) city is a short bus and boat ride away, so I visit, and I'm lucky enough to have friends there. Sometimes these friends go to pub quizzes, as they once did in a past life in Vancouver. And sometimes, they even write me a review. What can I do but post it? The talented and lovely Rob Freeman, late of News1130 Radio, sent me this review of the monthly quiz at the Fernwood Inn in Victoria. From here on in, all words are his. Take it away, Rob!

When: First Tuesday of every month, starting around 8:00

Cost: $5 per player with all proceeds going to the Fernwood Neighbourhood Resource Group

Venue: The Fernwood Inn is a cozy, neighbourhood local with a pretty decent selection of local beers and a kitchen to match.

Format: The quiz is broken down into 8 mini-rounds of five questions each, and into two halves of four rounds. Marking is done at the mid-way and end of the quiz by passing sheets around the tables. The quiz moves quite quickly of which I am a fan! There was a tie-breaker to decide the night's champion and it was done by giving one person from each of the teams one minute and a sheet of paper to construct a plane. The plane which glided the farthest was the winner [ed. This is a pretty terrible way to break a tie, but I concede it is kind of fun].

Questions: This quiz bills itself as the not-so-serious pub quiz. Having said that, quite a few of the questions were noodle-scratchers.

Host: Benji is a tall, lanky, quirky, British chap who is quite charming and flamboyant. He keeps the quiz rolling along swiftly and is quick-witted [ed. Catch him in action in Vancouver at the Park @ English Bay!]. He also plays music beds which become the soundtracks to each mini-round.

Prize: The first place team received a $50 GC to The Fernwood, although from the host's comments, it seems the prize fluctuates from month to month.

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