Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Playoffs, plus quiz news

If you've ever been to a quiz in the last 4 months, there's a pretty decent chance you've run into the phenomenon of quizzing during a Canucks game, and the inconveniences engendered as a result. This town (and author!) loves its (their) Canucks quite a bit. Most of the times, quizzes are squeezed into intermissions, start late, or even get pushed around to another date. In the regular season, there tends to be a little more wiggle room - very few people care about watching the Canucks play a dead rubber against Anaheim or Edmonton at the end of the year.

But now the Canucks are in the playoffs. The bars that have been hosting quiz no longer need to have a quiz to bring in people on game nights. The Canucks are playing San Jose in the first round, so all the games will start at around 7 PM. When the boys are playing, paying hockey fans are going to want to watch pretty much every second of Canucks hockey, which makes quiz nights a little precarious. How are you, the person who just wants to answer questions, but not have to stay out until 11:30 on a Wednesday to do so, going to cope with that? How will your quiz deal with there being an important game every 2 days for the next 2 months?*

Here's my advice: Ask your local trivia night. Give the bar a phone call before heading out, or send the quiz's facebook page a message. It'll save you some trouble. I've asked around at a few places, and here are the responses you are likely to get:
  • Squeezing the quiz in between the periods (Darby's looks to be trying this)
  • Shifting the quiz to the day before/after (Cedar Cottage/Gargoyle's and 131 seem likely to do this)
  • Cancelling the quiz if it falls on a game night
But don't take it from me! Ask your Quizmaster, and see what their plans are!

In non-hockey playoff news:
  • The Cascade Room quiz is back this week! That's tomorrow, so pretty much no one will be informed of this fact, but I'm posting it anyways.
  • New quiz alert! I've heard through the grapevine that Yagger's in Kitsilano has a Thursday night quiz - normally starts at 7, very music-oriented from what I was told.

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