Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Fray

Well, It looks like the Fray is closed now, so this trivia night probably doesn't exist anymore. If you've lost your weekly quiz, you have my condolences, and feel free to checkout Vancouver's other Wednesday options. Debbie, the quizmistress, has set up residence at the Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood Pub, down the street on Kingsway. That should hopefully fill that East Van Quiz-shaped hole in your Wednesday nights.

Where: The Fray. Located at 3980 Fraser St (at 24th)

When: 8:30PM Tuesday, Weekly. I'd show up before 7:40, but it doesn't truly fill up until game time

Web Presence: None for the quiz, alas

Registration Fee: Nope.

Team Info: No team size limit, so bring as many as you want

Prizes: Distributed as at the Cove: Win keys, hope the number on your key is drawn. Winner of the draw gets a $50 gift certificate. Most points gets to write a question for the next week's quiz, and a pitcher of beer.

Format: 3 Rounds, 15 questions per round. A music question after every round. The music question is worth a lot of points

Food and Drink: Pretty good, in the 12-20 dollar range for a dinner. Drink specials which are not all that cheap, but at least they are better than nothing. All the food is local, which is a nice touch.

This quiz is run by the lady who does the Cove, and as far as I know, it's the first quiz on Fraser, which is nice if you are in the area. Do you want the a quiz that is similar to the Cove quiz without having to go the fucking Kits? Well, now you can! The crowd has all the attendant benefits/drawbacks of being closer to main street and further away from UBC.

Every now and then there a contentious question pops up, and you just have to suck it up and admit that you're wrong, and the nice lady is right. After all, that is only good trivia manners. Conversely, why do some quizzes insist on having one person mark all the papers? I don't get it, it takes a long time to do, AND is less fun. Since you read out the answers anyways, so you may as well put the kids to work marking each others' papers. Also, the 3 'name that tune' questions are worth 6 points each, which is bordering on absurd. If you happen to know the name and artist of 3 songs, then congratulations! you just got the equivalent of a perfect round and then some on top of your score!

There is a full score rundown after each round, so you usually know exactly where you stand. There seem to be 2 or 3 regular teams who always show up and do quite well. The quiz takes about 2 hours and change, so expect all to be said and done at about 10:15, which is about the average for a quiz that starts at 8. There are minigames to win free pitchers, and usually drinks get handed out for general spirit. Don't be too boisterous, or you may end up being awarded shots, though.

Can you say it in less words? Sure! Head on down, it is pretty good, even with the undue weight on the music questions. Wednesday night is shaping up to have some good options for trivia nights.

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