Wednesday, 18 December 2019

State of the Union, 2019

Two posts? In one year? What have you done to deserve this, you might ask. Fear not, for I will fill you in presently.

I'd like to begin by saying sorry for letting The Master List get so stagnant. I've made some attempts to correct that, and all the Vancouver proper quizzes are up to date. Gone are the quizzes long cancelled, and the bars long closed. One of them, Displace Hashery, had a new restaurant open AND close in the space in the intervening time. Yeesh. I've done my best to confirm that these bars still have quizzes, and that the times are up to date. Some bars - namely Koerner's, Red Racer Taphouse, and the Bottleneck - I could not confirm that there was a quiz there one way or another. There was one, but their social media and events pages no longer mention it, so I scrubbed them from the list. I also took off any of the music bingo nights from the list. I can't imagine that many people come here for that.

So then, why now? Simply put, I've been hearing a lot of quiz companies advertise they are the "best trivia night in town" or some such similar thing. Hearing this I thought, "I wonder if this brag is right?" So I've been thinking about what makes a quiz a good quiz and what, truly, is the best quiz night in town. In 2020 I'm hoping to attend the various quizzes and see what they do well, and what they do poorly, and see if I can come to some conclusions. If this project ends up making any sense at all, I'll post my findings here.

Also, I might update the way the reviews are presented on the Master List. By my count there are 51 different regular quiz nights in town, and around 14 different hosts / companies. I'm not sure a different review for each of the bars that run the same show really make all that much sense, so maybe a change is in order. The old reviews are almost all pretty stale, anyways.

Anyways, that's what's up! Enjoy the end of the year, everyone!