Sunday, 20 January 2013

Quiz Updates, Late January Edition

Some news in the world of pub trivia:

Our Town is back on a biweekly schedule. Per their facebook group, they are running a quiz on the second and 4th Thursday of every month. They've also upped 131 Water's game a bit, and now are running 6 game trivia "seasons." Highest score at the end of 3 months gets prizes (described as "BIG prizes") , from such local sponsors as the Rio, Red Cat Records, and the Alibi Room. Doesn't sound half bad. Also, a picture on the Wall of Champions. As ever, winning team gets a pitcher of beer, and reserved seating the next week, which can be handy since that place can get packed early. 

Secondly, not strictly Vancouver related, some friends and I are going to attend Geek Bowl VII in Austin, Texas. Billed as the largest live pub quiz in those united states, it is probably also the largest pub quiz in North America. I doubt that anywhere else in CONCACAF can make a decent claim to that title. We will be the first Canadian team to compete, as I understand. 

We've never been to a Geeks Who Drink pub quiz before, since they don't have them in Canada. They seem to be a pretty solidly run organization that hands down quizzes from on high to people to read at a bar. It sounds similar to what Pub Stumpers does here in Vancouver (specifically at the Donnolly pubs). I am hoping that the questions are better than the Pub Stumpers quizzes, which attentive readers will know that I think are pretty terrible. I'm pretty confident that the Geek Bowl quiz will be better. That runs February 9th, 2013, so I'll post how it went when we get back.