Sunday, 2 August 2015

Quiz News!

Here's some piping hot quiz news for you, straight from the ovens that produces all news:

  • Deb, aka the Quismistress is taking lucky key trivia to The Brighton Pub, in Hastings-Sunrise. Wednesday nights at 8 PM, with a $40 bar tab on the line. Great to see a quiz pop up in that neighbourhood.
  • IQ2000 is spreading to the suburbs, running a quiz on Thursday nights at Townhall public House in Coquitlum. The festivities start August 13th.
  • The quiz at Darby's continues under the watchful eye of Carin, every Thursday night
  • Decoda Literacy is hosting their second annual Literacy Team Trivia Challenge, this time at Red Card Sports Bar. It was good fun last time around, and if you want a crack at the oversize trophy, well... *cracks knuckles, blows dust off fingernails* you'll have to come through me to get it. Come on down, and support a good cause while answering some questions.