Monday, 14 March 2016

Vancouver Quizmasters @ The Storm Crow Tavern

Where: The Storm Crow Tavern, 1305 Commercial Drive, and the Storm Crow Alehouse, 1619 West Broadway

When: 7. Now read carefully, because this is where things get a bit tricky: You'll find this quiz at the Commercial Drive location (The Tavern) on the first and third Tuesday of the month. You'll find the quiz at the West Broadway location (The Ale House), on the next day, the first and third Wednesday of the month. If you are at the Tavern, I'd recommend showing up early, because it is small, and popular. I haven't been to the Ale House yet, but I'm led to believe it is a good deal larger.

Web Presence: The Vancouver Quizmaster shave not only a website, but also a facebook page! The facebook page is a much better source of up-to-date news.

Team Info: Five people per team.

Prizes: Top three teams get a random assortment of ephemera from Shaun and Eric's prize bucket. Drawer? Chest? I don't know what they keep this stuff in. Past prizes have included the 1989 film The Wizard, the 1984 film Ice Pirates, and more peripheral Star Wars and Batman figurines than even J. J. Abrams can name.

Format: Four rounds, ten questions. Nice and simple.

Food and Drink: Storm Crow's got some decent food, and is definitely the better option of the places in town that have quirky nerdy names for regular food items. Personally, I recommend the beef stew, if the dead flesh of animals appeals to you. Beer selection is small, but good. If you're the shot taking type (and let's be honest, on a Wednesday, who isn't?), you can roll a d20 and take a chance at Storm Crow's infamous Random Shots.

What can I say? This quiz is almost note for note the same as the quiz run by the same quizmasters at the ANZA Club all those years ago. Don't feel like clicking on a link? Well then. Suffice it to say that it is one of my favourite quizzes in Vancouver. Funny, fast paced, nerdy, and unafraid to take off the kid gloves. All these lovable attributes have transferred smoothly to their new environs.

So if the quiz is the same, what's different? Pretty much only the atmosphere. If you don't know that the Storm Crow is all about, perhaps now is the time to go and find out for yourself. It is mostly a beer-centric safe space for people who like dorky things, and engaging in said things with their friends. Not that there's any shortage of these people [what do you mean "these people" - ed.], but there's historically been a dearth of places selling beer to that community. Well, here you have it. Imagine a Shark Club, but with Predator instead of the Predators, and Fred and George Weasley instead of the Sedin twins.

The Scouring of the Shire: This a good quiz in a fun place, with rad prizes. You should probably go.

There's one more thing I forget to tell you!